Product Data Management in Leather Industry

leatherIn any production of goods or services for sale, there is always need to efficiently manage any data used or resulted in any stage of the manufacturing process and all information which relates to the production process. Also data pertaining to market, sales and customer data needs to be managed accordingly. For easier storage and retrieval, such data needs to be managed from one central system.

leather prodcution1This also is true in the leather industry. To achieve this, Product Data Management (PDM) soft-wares are used to consolidate and store all vital data and information systematically in a single system for easier retrieval. The data and Information stored includes:
CAD data, 3D models, manufacturing procedures and instructions, resources, notes taken and the processing documents.
The PDM software should have the ability to be accessed by multiple applications and users across the whole organization.
It should support all business needs and requirements of the data stored or manipulated during the manufacturing process. The system should also provide security to the data as well as enable the manipulation or processing of data and the data configuration management.
Data Security
cad6The PDM system should enable file or data ownership, revision of data, data version control (checking and checkout of the data files) and the release statuses of data.
The security functionality of the PDM system should ensure that data is safe and available to the correct users throughout the products life-cycle. It should also protect the intellectual property rights.
Data Processing and Manipulation
Smooth workflow and efficient processing capabilities enable both internal product team and the external partners to work as a team in the product life-cycle.
A PDM should help users establish, manage and also execute best practices for change planning, change incorporation and change verification as well as communication.
Data configuration Management.

PDM system provides the vital information and necessary visibility required for managing and presenting data and other resources.


Advantages of PDM

Retrieve valuable data easily and quickly.
It improves production process and reduces products life-cycle time.
It helps to reduce development errors hence lower costs.
It ensures the improvement of a products value chain.
It ensures that all business and third party regulatory requirements are observed and met.
It facilitates the optimization of operational costs and resources.
It facilitates communication and collaboration between business partners and customers.
It provides vital info and the necessary visibility required for effective decision-making