Computer Aided Design (CAD) in leather industry

cad2Computer Aided Design is the use of pre-programmed computer soft-wares for sketching and drawing models of leather products in 2D architectural designs, providing a complete visualization of the model in 3D concept design and eventually the pattern engineering and grading of leather products. These processes are all important in the production of leather because they ensure that custom designs and preference are considered in the final production of a leather product.
2D architectural design and art usually provide the basic ideas and concepts on how the leather product will finally look and this can be observed in 3D design visualization. CAD soft-wares are usually incorporated with design templates for specific leather products e.g. shoes and the user is offered the ability to upload his/her own sketch or to modify existing ones. The sketches can be scanned into the computer or hand drawn. The user has the ability to modify the sketch according to the customizations preferred e.g. adding logos textures and other decorations.
3D technology and concept is then used to enable a complete view of the leather product which has been designed from any angle. Most soft-wares have improved graphic capabilities enabling the best visualization and thus reduce the margin of error.
Pattern engineering and grading – Different products have various sizes to match client’s requirements. CAD software’s enable the grading and sorting of a certain type of leather product according to the different characteristics e.g. shoe sizes. Pattern engineering involves the use the CAD soft-wares to reuse an idea or pattern which is general and usually repeated in several leather products of the same type e.g. Logos